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Photo by César Santos

"The lads were great tonight"

By Jornal Sporting
13 Oct, 2016

Nuno Dias full of praise for his players after securing a place in the UEFA Futsal Cup Elite Round

Another UEFA Cup Main Round encounter and another heavy defeat inflicted by Sporting, this time against Halle-Gooik.

"It was a great game, both in defence and when we had the ball. We showed rhythm and we created chances against a really good side", said Nuno Dias at the final whistle, continuing with an analysis of the encounter: "They really pushed us. Defending for almost 40 minutes against 5 is really tough. Not having possession means you have to focus a lot and any mistake can let your opponent in for a goal. The lads were great tonight."

As for where he setting his sights, Nuno Dias didn't pull his punches: "Getting into the Elite Round isn't enough for us. We came here to play three matches and preferably to win all three. We want another good result and a good performance."