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Photo by FPF

Someone call the Museum: There's another Super Cup on the way!

By Jornal Sporting
10 Sep, 2018

The futsal team won 11-0 against Fabril, winning their 8th trophy in the competition

"Yes, hello? Am I talking to the Sporting Museum? Get some space, we're leaving Loulé with another trophy in our pockets!"

After the 11-0 victory against Fabril, the futsal team is on its way to Alvalade.

The commanders of Nuno Dias entered the court wanting to solve the game as early as possible with quick offensive transitions. The first attack came just in the opening minute from Cavinato, who opened the score at the Municipal Sports Pavilion in Loulé, after an assist from Léo, the number 17 only had to touch it in.

The story about the second goal is very simple: Dieguinho enters, Dieguinho scores (5 '). The ball then went back to game only to increase the advantage. This time through Pany Varela (6 '), assisted by Varela after recovering the ball by Dieguinho. The same trio for the fourth goal, but with positions changed, gave right to the second goal of Dieguinho, served by Pany (7 ').

Speaking of scoring second goals, the arrival to the half dozen had the "wizard" Merlin as the protagonist (9 'and 10'), after two hits towards the goal.

At half-time, the lions had already had a hand on the Super Cup, while Fabril had little time to breathe and recover from each goal.

Cavinato went on to make the first goal of the second half (28 '). Special attention was also given to the eighth goal of the afternoon, which was scored by Dani (30 '), in what was his first goal in an official competition for the senior team. Merlin closed his personal account by signing a total of three goals.

To finish in beauty, Pany scored his second (39 ') and Pedro Cary was the last to shout "goal" with all the Sportinguists who moved to Loulé. Eight Conquered Supercups and one certainty: This is an omen for a season in which the futsal of Sporting CP will need (more) space in the storefront that is destined to them in the green and white Museum.


Photo by José Cruz

Nuno Dias considered best coach of SportZone League

By Jornal Sporting
27 Aug, 2018

Three-time National Champion has won another achievement after a dreamy season

The three-time National Champion futsal coach, Nuno Dias, was chosen - for the third time in a row - as the best coach of the 2017/18 SportZone League.

The coach, who has been ahead of Sporting CP’s futsal team since the season of 2012, is also the coach with more titles in Portugal

Photo by Miguel Vererano/Unisports

Sporting CP wins the Masters Cup against the European Champion

By Jornal Sporting
30 Aug, 2018

Nuno Dias's team discipline made the diference

It was the title match and the lions don’t usually fail when it comes to raising trophies. In the re-issue of the last two UEFA Futsal Cup finals, Sporting CP beat Inter Movistar (4-2) and won the Masters Cup. In Portimão, and with many green and white supporters in the stands, the three-time national champions became the first Portuguese team to win the coveted pre-season trophy.

Although we have several new faces, the team dynamic remains; "We knew it was not going to be an easy competition. Sporting CP did their job well and we achieved these two victories. This shows the power that our team has, even with many players leaving and the entry of others. The group is reacting well and those who arrived too", confirmed Dieguinho.

Photo by César Santos

"I am really happy to carry on here"

By Jornal Sporting
13 Jun, 2017

André Sousa pens extended deal with Sporting CP

Following closely after the announcement of an extension with handball star Ivan Nikcevic, the Alvalade futsal goalkeeper André Sousa has also put pen to paper.

"I am really happy to carry on here. This is the extension of the last three years of hard work", said Sousa, setting out his ambition for the coming season and the inauguration of the João Rocha Arena: "In terms of objectives we want more of the same: to win every competition we are in. I am sure every team is looking forward to their first match in the new arena, just like the fans are."

Photo by César Santos

"Our time will come"

By Jornal Sporting
30 Apr, 2017

Miguel Albuquerque reflects on Sunday's final in Almaty

As leader of Sporting CP's futsal department, Miguel Albuquerque was inevitably asked to comment on this season's UEFA Futsal Cup campaign, brought to an end in Almaty this weekend.

"There isn't a lot to say when you lose a final by such a heavy result. What I said to the lads that we might not be the best in the world, but we certainly aren't the worst. Obviously the result isn't what we wanted and it is humiliating, because the difference between Sporting CP and Inter really isn't that big. It was harsh for us, particularly after how we played to get here. We lost in Almaty in 2017 the same way we did in 2011, but our team is made up of men of character and our time will come", said the Alvalade director.

Miguel Albuquerque went on to reflect on his side's run to the final: "We started back in the Main Round in Italy and we were brilliant. Then we knocked out the Russian champion and beat the European champion in the semi-finals, but we came up just short in the final. As the leader of the project I take full responsibility. Winning is easy, losing is hard and reacting properly is even harder."

Photo by César Santos

"We stand together"

By Jornal Sporting
30 Apr, 2017

João Matos rallies his team after Sunday's UEFA Futsal Cup loss

João Matos spoke with the Sporting Journal and Sporting TV at the final whistle in Almaty on Sunday, after his side missed out to Inter Movistar.

"It was a heavy result and maybe a bit humiliating for a final. We have to take responsibility for that. We didn't play well, our finishing was not up to scratch and various factors added to the score", affirmed the Sporting CP skipper, continuing: "We got here not just because of the quality we have in the squad, but because we stand together and are more like a family. This isn't the time for us to be unhappy with each other. We arrived here together and we will leave here together. Second place is better than third or forth and it just wasn't our day. Inter did really well and we were not as competent as we usually are."

Photo by César Santos

"The numbers are ridiculous"

By Jornal Sporting
30 Apr, 2017

Nuno Dias shakes off UEFA Futsal Cup loss with a word of praise for his team

"We played well and I stick by what I said after the semi-finals: It is an honour to be the coach of this team", said Nuno Dias in his post-match press conference on Sunday, after his side missed out to a highly effective Inter Movistar team in the UEFA Futsal Cup Final.

The Sporting CP coach was frustrated with the final result, however that did not dent his confidence in his players: "My players fight for the best results possible, but that didn't happen today. The difference today was in a few situations that we didn't do well in and that Inter took advantage of. We were on top on a few occasions, but we didn't take our opportunities. We were missing that bit of confidence that a goal gives. We didn't deserve such a heavy result today, the numbers are ridiculous. The lads are understandably sad, but we are still in a lot of competitions and still have a lot of games to win."

Photo by César Santos

Sporting CP miss out in Almaty final

By Jornal Sporting
30 Apr, 2017

Inter Movistar deny Sporting CP of a first UEFA Futsal Cup

Sporting CP missed out in the UEFA Futsal Cup to last year's runner-up, Inter Movistar, by a harsh result of 7-0 this Sunday afternoon. It was a punishing scoreline, that barely reflected Sporting CP's performance on the day and the Alvalade side's campaign.

The first opportunity came right from the off, with Cavinato pulling a save out of Herrero for a corner. A couple of seconds later Merlim drove a powerful shot just wide. Referee Sasa Tomic was also in the spotlight on occasions, with a handful of debatable decisions including a yellow card for Merlim in the third minute for a foul on Ricardinho. It was from once such decision that Inter threatened for the first time, but Fortino scrambled the ball away off the line. A couple of seconds later Sporting CP accumulated their third foul of the first-half.

On six minutes Humberto acrobatically controlled down the right and Marcão did well to charge down the resulting shot, however the Brazilian pivot managed to get a pass across the face of goal for Bastezini to tap in. Two five saves from Marcão to deny Rivillos followed, before Lolo doubled Inter's lead five minutes before the break.

At 2-0 Sporting CP were certainly still in with a chance of getting back into the encounter, however the Inter goalkeeper was in frustratingly brilliant form to keep the Alvalade charges off the scoreboard. The Spaniards quickly netted another two and Nuno Dias hand was forced into introducing Merlim as a forward goalkeeper with just over quarter of an hour still to play. The risks were obvious, but it was a necessary gamble that harshly backfired with three goals from Inter from range (one from Rivillos and two from Ricardinho).

Photo by César Santos

"Hopefully we will be just as happy"

By Jornal Sporting
29 Apr, 2017

Former Karat star Leo appeals to Kazahs to come out in force

Leo was the player to join Nuno Dias in the pre-match press conference ahead of the UEFA Futsal Cup final this weekend, which will see Sporting CP take on Inter Movistar in the city where Leo reached stardom.

"I hope that the two titles I won with Kairat will help us have a great final and we are feeling confident. This will be a different match with different challenges, but hopefully we will be just as happy at the end and hopefully I personally will be as happy with Sporting CP as I was with Kairat in this situation. I would really like to see the Kazakh people come out and support us, for Sporting CP and for me."

Photo by César Santos

"There will be moments when Sporting CP is better"

By Jornal Sporting
29 Apr, 2017

Nuno Dias looks ahead to Sunday's UEFA Futsal Cup final

Nuno Dias and Jesus Velasco were both in the Almaty Arena press room this Saturday, ahead od Sunday's UEFA Futsal Cup showdown. Dias started by congratulating the Inter Movistar coach on reaching the final for a second consecutive season, having missed out last season on home soil again this year's host's Kairat.

"We sat up last night doing a bit of analysis. Ugra rely on using their pivots, with strong players who are really tough in the individual battle. Tactically Inter are a lot more mobile and they get around the court more. They are really aggressive in defence and have some well drilled tactics. Both semi-finals were identical, with both finalists winning by a single goal. This is going to be a really balanced game, although the odds are on for Inter, who have already won this competition three times. They are top of the league considered as the best in the world", said Nuno Dias.

Although faced by an almost terrifyingly brilliant Inter side, Nuno Dias sees his side's spirit and unity as the key to claiming the silverware: "The spirit amongst the lads has been fantastic during this competition. We are in great form right now and enjoying what is the best club competition in the world. What makes the difference could be something just like what happened in the semi-final. There will be moments when Sporting CP is better and others when Inter is. Everything will depend on if we can come together and suffer together when we have to. We will have to defend with everything we have got and surprise Inter when we can."


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