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Photo by César Santos

"Our time will come"

By Jornal Sporting
30 Apr, 2017

Miguel Albuquerque reflects on Sunday's final in Almaty

As leader of Sporting CP's futsal department, Miguel Albuquerque was inevitably asked to comment on this season's UEFA Futsal Cup campaign, brought to an end in Almaty this weekend.

"There isn't a lot to say when you lose a final by such a heavy result. What I said to the lads that we might not be the best in the world, but we certainly aren't the worst. Obviously the result isn't what we wanted and it is humiliating, because the difference between Sporting CP and Inter really isn't that big. It was harsh for us, particularly after how we played to get here. We lost in Almaty in 2017 the same way we did in 2011, but our team is made up of men of character and our time will come", said the Alvalade director.

Miguel Albuquerque went on to reflect on his side's run to the final: "We started back in the Main Round in Italy and we were brilliant. Then we knocked out the Russian champion and beat the European champion in the semi-finals, but we came up just short in the final. As the leader of the project I take full responsibility. Winning is easy, losing is hard and reacting properly is even harder."