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Photo by César Santos

"We stand together"

By Jornal Sporting
30 Apr, 2017

João Matos rallies his team after Sunday's UEFA Futsal Cup loss

João Matos spoke with the Sporting Journal and Sporting TV at the final whistle in Almaty on Sunday, after his side missed out to Inter Movistar.

"It was a heavy result and maybe a bit humiliating for a final. We have to take responsibility for that. We didn't play well, our finishing was not up to scratch and various factors added to the score", affirmed the Sporting CP skipper, continuing: "We got here not just because of the quality we have in the squad, but because we stand together and are more like a family. This isn't the time for us to be unhappy with each other. We arrived here together and we will leave here together. Second place is better than third or forth and it just wasn't our day. Inter did really well and we were not as competent as we usually are."